Lisa Loring, Shannon - Owner/Trainer

Welcomes you to ShowBiz Arabians. Her philosophy from the very beginning in 1986 until now has been first and foremost “the Horses are our Clients”.

At ShowBiz while growth is essential we will maintain a delicate balance to remain quaint and personal. Quality and perfection go hand in hand with us as we are a full-service breeding and training facility whose main goal is to produce happy, healthy and sound, in mind and body, show horses. We strive to bring all of our show horses to their highest potential each as individuals at their own pace.

Being a member of ShowBiz means more than just winning. It is about the whole showing experience within the context of a family atmosphere. When we go to a show it is not only about the performance, it is about the whole experience, and having FUN is a large part of our program. Horse shows involve hard work, so….. if you work hard we think you should be rewarded.

The end results are well prepared and finely trained TEAMS supporting one another while competing together.